Anastasia Beverly Hills

  • Design
  • Strategy
  • Motion

An interactive ecosystem for the masses

ELVA worked with the Anastasia Beverly Hills team to create an app-like experience that adopted and combined familiar social media interactions within the daily lives of their 20+ million Instagram followers.

Responsive design

ELVA designed for small, medium, and large viewport sizes specifically for the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Site Genesis 2 platform, implementing unique layout solutions for all screen dimensions.

Custom palette builder

Emulating an in-store shopping experience, we designed the palette builder to allow Anastasia Beverly Hills customers to curate their personal eyeshadow palette. Using a straightforward layout with actual product photography that captures color, hue, and finish, customers can curate their personal eyeshadow(s) confidently.

Inform / influence / inspire

The Anastasia Beverly Hills website is designed to be a continuous shopping experience. The customer is always being presented with flexibility and alternative options that either replace, support, or enhance the products. Sticky buy-stacks, Shop The Look modules, and strategically placed How-To videos are intuitive, interactive examples designed to keep the ABH shopper engaged.