Best Made Co.

Digital brand evolution

ELVA worked with the Best Made team to help them evolve their online presence and shopping experience by creating a modular framework. We built an intelligent system that allows the Best Made team to marry commerce with their rich product story.

Best Made for mobile

ELVA emphasized the mobile experience by creating a unique grid structure that allows both products and stories to shine. Whether it’s a full bleed photo or an inset image, Best Made always has that perfectly curated look and feel.

Form meets function

Best Made Co. works tirelessly to create top of the line goods that are simple, effective, and beautiful. ELVA took that same approach when creating the visual layout for the website. The result is a seamless harmony between the physical and digital brand that is Best Made.

Checkout those goods

Often times the most difficult part of a customer's journey is completing the transaction. ELVA worked with Best Made to make this a simple and intuitive process, reducing the number of abandoned carts and increasing the conversion rate.