• Design

Reimagining sports coverage

Inspired by a desire to become the U.S. standard for Rally coverage, ELVA collaborated with Dirtfish to produce a framework for a one-stop editorial site for all things rally.

Meeting ambition with solutions

Dirtfish made no equivocation that their eyes were set on a site that provided world class coverage, education, and inspiration for the world of Rally Cross. We met that ambition with design and thinking that would provide a framework for Rally enthusiasts — from novice to expert — to follow the sport, learn its finer points, and seek avenues towards realizing their goals. Working with the Dirtfish team, we created a format for following Rally Series rankings, event trackers, and modules for editorial content as well as Dirtfish merchandising.

Design that grows with you

We created a modular design system that allows their team to express and share their passion with Rally enthusiasts. By elevating the content, the belief is that they can elevate the sport. We provided a flexible design system that could house all of their multimedia content and could be leveraged to grow with them as they make their steps towards cornering the American market of Rally Cross.