Filson Journal

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Elevating Filson’s blog

Taking cues from their brand, culture, and product, ELVA worked closely with the Filson team to reinvent their blog, which they appropriately refer to as “The Filson Journal.”

Mobile first responsive design

ELVA designed for both mobile and desktop viewports to accommodate the Magneto 2 platform’s WordPress plugin. With social channels driving traffic directly to the Filson Journal, the mobile viewport sees the highest engagement.

Attention to detail

The Filson brand is all about quality, which is maintained by their meticulous attention to detail. We wanted to bring those same aspects to their new blog experience. The ELVA team used elements such as Filson’s iconic watch face to denote how many minutes an article may take a viewer to read, as well as using their proprietary numbering system to catalog when the story occurred and was published. Working with the Filson team, we were able to integrate brand elements to allow for an intuitive editorial experience.

Flexible design solutions

Our challenge was to deliver Filson a modular design system that allows their team to share stories the way they intend. Regardless of a story's length and visuals, the outcome is an intuitive editorial experience that informs and entertains readers throughout the entire journey. This approach also allows the marketing and merchandising teams to curate content specific to each story.