Newton Vineyard

A distinctive experience

Newton Vineyard is a stunning property located St. Helena, California. The winery was designed and built to blend into the mountain and includes elements of the founders’ native lands interwoven with the California environment. ELVA collaborated closely with the Newton Vineyards team to create a branded shopping experience that would emulate their unique vineyard and showcase their world class wine.

Wine purchasing elevated

We created an interactive experience that intertwined immersive storytelling while shopping for wine. Just like an in-person visit, we created the digital experience to replicate a tour of Newton Vineyards. Through an elevated interactive experience, we have made it possible to shop for wine while learning the history and education around their vineyards, tours, and tastings.

Flexibility built into design

We created a modular design design system for Newton Vineyards that provided them with a modular framework that could adapt and update easily with their growing needs while providing a consistent experience throughout the site.

Utility with creativity

In taking Newton Vineyard’s brand assets and reimagining their presentation in the digital space, we provided the opportunity for their team to tell their unique story effectively and creatively.