Sherri Hill

Bringing fashion to the public

With a desire to make their products accessible to their online audience, we worked with the Sherri Hill team to create a digital experience that beautifully displays their merchandise while allowing their customers to intuitively find their favorite dress.

Robustly responsive

From seasonal navigation to video browsing, ELVA created a responsive system that allowed for customized content to be effortlessly viewed, shopped, and played across all viewports.

Collection comeback

One of the asks from Sherri Hill was to make their collections from previous years accessible to their customers. ELVA's solution was a Collection dropdown that gave customers the ability to jump from collection to collection, allowing shoppers to find their favorite dresses year after year.

Sherri Hill Fashion Week

Sherri Hill also produces a high-fashion line specially made for New York Fashion Week. Targeting a more exclusive demographic, this yearly released clothing line needed to stand alone, yet still live within the brand. ELVA designed the New York Fashion Week section with an editorial look and feel, supplementing the experience with custom shopping functionality such as runway video browsing.