Urban Barn

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Everything Has its Place

Urban Barn partnered with ELVA to make their website a beautiful shopping experience that seamlessly transitions into the brick & mortar stores. By taking cues from the in-store experience and applying digital best practices ELVA and Urban Barn created a unique branded shopping experience that tells a story.

Putting Power in the Hands of the Customer

Most online shoppers use their phone to shop in three phases. First they use it to discover and get inspired. Secondly it is used as a way to research and compare. And finally once they have decided on the product they make the purchase. With furniture this is especially true, and by creating an amazing mobile experience shoppers can now engage with Urban Barn at all of these phases.

Shop Everything

Filling a home with products you love is hard to do without a vision. By making it possible to shop lifestyle images ELVA brought the inspirational quality of Urban Barn to an e-commerce experience.