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Design, UX, Content Strategy


the knowledge and exemplary customer service at Ben Bridge’s brick-and-mortar stores needed to be reflected in a user-friendly E-Commerce Experience. With a vast product offering from various vendors, an updated design system was crucial for creating a cohesive look and feel.


Utilizing the Salesforce platform, we designed a premium site that elevates the UX by educating customers and recreates the in-store shopping experience in a digital space. A clear path to purchase allows the customer to easily shift from browsing to buying while moments of education throughout make them confident in their buying decisions.

Desktop screenshot of Ben Bridge website homepage


With every scroll in mind, we designed an alluring experience for customers, regardless of what their jewelry knowledge may be. Updated imagery, product education, visual navigation for guided-selling, and an easy-to-use purchase path gives the customer total confidence in their purchase and its value. We kept browsing at the forefront by removing product details from the product tiles until a customer hovers over them for more information.

Product listing page for diamond rings
Two gold rings on a marble backdrop A diamond ring on a light purple table cloth
A person holding a glass champagne and wearing diamond rings An image of two wedding rings
Gold jewelry laid out on marble tabletop A silver diamond ring on a bold purple backdrop
An assortment of gold and silver rings
Shiny gold jewelry with flowers in the background
Assortment of gold jewelry laid on a dark purple backdrop Person wearing multiple silver diamond rings
Variety of gold jewelry on a marble tray
Gold astrology necklace with a purple backdrop
Two silver diamond rings
Diamond rings on pedestals

Polishing up the Brand Identity

Woman wearing multiple diamond rings on her fingers
Assortment of silver jewelry on a purple backdrop
Woman wearing multiple diamond rings on her fingers

We elevated Ben Bridge's branding to feel luxurious by keeping the design clean and modern with tasteful touches of their brand purple throughout. By creating intentional moments for shopping, education, and imagery, we delivered an experience that is premium, airy, and dynamic.

The new site design inspired the Ben Bridge team to produce new, elevated product imagery that mimics the premium site experience. We thoughtfully incorporated brand identities from several of their product vendors in a way that creates a cohesive brand story that feels unique to Ben Bridge as a brand.

Diamond rings on white pedestals
Gold diamond ring on a purple backdrop
Mobile screenshot of Ben Bridge featuring a diamond ring A women wearing a watch and a gold watch image
Mobile screenshot showcasing gold jewelry Mobile screenshot of a diamond buying guide
Mobile screenshot of a watch category Mobile screenshot of a diamond ring product tile
Mobile screenshot of an engagement ring website page Mobile screenshot of a wedding ring PDP
Mobile screenshot of different wedding ring styles Mobile screenshot of weddings rings from Ben Bridge

A PERSONAL JEWELER at your fingertips

This new site allows Ben Bridge to showcase who they are and the brand moments that set them apart, like their diamond and gemstone guides and the ability to chat with a jeweler online. Personal services throughout the site bring the in-store experience online. FOR CUSTOMERS WHO MAY WANT TO SEE THE PRODUCT IN-PERSON, STORE LOCATOR BUTTONS ON PDP’s easily NAVIGATE users to the CLOSEST location.

Engagement ring landing page
Engagement ring PDP with images of diamond rings