A boldly branded eCommerce site that’s here to tell a story through fun imagery and an easy-to-shop design.


A psychedelic signature and vibrant brand vocabulary






Design, UX


Coolhaus needed a site that was as bold and colorful as their product packaging, while still functioning at an ecommerce capacity.


We took inspiration from their packaging and blended it with custom motion, cartoonish illustrations, and an easy-to-shop site design.

We brought Coolhaus’s mission of delivering adventurous flavors through an inclusive vision to life. To bring their entire brand to life while telling their unique brand story, we integrated storytelling and shopping throughout the whole site. It was essential to bring their activation events to the forefront and focus on the product and the entire ecosystem and cult-like following they have fostered as a brand.

Desktop screenshot of the Coolhaus homepage

A playful shopping experience

Dialing up the brand at every turn

Coolhaus ice cream truck
Coolhaus ice cream pint with bananas
Coolhaus ice cream truck

Their vibrant packaging patterns were the inspiration behind the custom motion developed, and we brought them to life, literally, by adding subtle motion that made them breathe.

The result was a balanced blend of their cartoonish world and the actual products.

Ice cream sandwich with cookies
Ice cream cone with illustrated eyes

The bold brand

language lets the

product shine,

making it easier

to add to cart.

With playful and unique vignettes that frame their products, we created a captivating shopping experience that still felt simple. These moments allowed Coolhaus's brand to come to the forefront without compromising how people could shop their products.

Homepage screenshot of the Coolhaus menu
Desktop screenshot of a Coolhaus CLP
Mobile screenshot of Coolhaus homepage Colorful Coolhaus imagery with text links
Mobile screenshot of a Coolhaus PDP A colorful Coolhaus image with a shop now CTA
Mobile screenshot of Coolhaus FAQ page Mobile screenshot of Coolhaus CLP
Mobile screenshot of Coolhaus PLP Mobile screenshot of Coolhaus partnerships
Mobile screenshot of Coolhaus website page Colorful Coolhaus graphics with text
Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches on a yellow background Stacked Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches
A scoop of Coolhaus ice cream on a stack of donuts A stack of Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches with illustrated eyes
Styled image of different Coolhaus ice cream Colorful vignette with Coolhaus ice cream
Coolhaus founders
Illustrated Coolhaus ice cream truck
Coolhaus ice creams on blue background Stacked Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches
Coolhaus ice creams in a metal basket
Coolhaus ice cream pint
Coolhaus founder
Image of dairy-free Coolhaus ice cream Scoop of ice cream with illustrated eyes