An eCommerce experience that educates and makes skincare accessible to all.


Skincare from the Outside In






Design, Development, UX


Dr. Whitney Bowe launched DWB and needed a new site that showcased the products while informing customers about the ingredients and skincare overall.


We created an easy to navigate ecommerce experience that educates the customer while staying true to the DWB brand.

The most sought-after dermatologist in the country is now available to any customer with Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty—a skincare line backed with scientific data and research. We partnered with Dr. Whitney Bowe to launch her new brand, website and skincare line. Our goal with this site design was to focus on the DWB branding, product line, and a narrative that focused on building a community through education and support.

Desktop screenshot of DWB homepage

Approachable, bold, and honest

Bottle of DBW skincare
Dr. Whitney Bowes holding her skincare line
Bottle of DBW skincare

With DWB being a brand new skincare line, we wanted to cast an artistic vision for the brand in the form of an e-commerce site that stands up against the competition through its boldness, honesty, and approachability.

DWB-specific brand moments, strategic blur, and a continuous color story shape the brand identity while mimicking the product packaging to create a cohesive visual narrative.

DWB skincare bottle and dropper
Dr. Whitney Bowes applying skincare

Educating with Ease

We created a way to easily educate the customer on the gut-brain-skin connection that makes DWB unique from other skincare lines. Elements like "Derm Scribbles" and the "DWB Skindex" coupled with product descriptions pages that list ingredients, how-to-use tips, and the clinically-proven results provide substance to the customer in easy-to-digest pieces.

Desktop screenshot of DWB PLP
DWB PLP desktop screenshot
Mobile screenshot of a PDP for DWB Mobile screenshot of DWB video content
Mobile screenshot of email signup page Mobile screenshot of brand statement
Mobile screenshot with copy and imagery Mobile screenshot of DWB resources page
Mobile screenshot of the DWB PLP Mobile screenshot of DWB skincare ingredients
Image of DWB skincare with copy above and below Product listing of DWB skincare
Dr. Whitney Bowe holding a bottle of her skincare DWB skincare in purple packaging
Dr. Whitney Bowe with bowls of fruit and pouring water DWB skincare bottle with a dropper
Style image of DWB skincare packaging Swatches of moisturizer
Swatch of moisturizer
Image of DWB skincare in purple packaging
DWB skincare bottles on a white tray DWB posing with skincare bottle
Image of DWB skincare in the fridge
Styled image of DWB skincare
Swatch of DWB skincare
Bottle of DWB skincare with fruit DWB site imagery