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Edyston, a leader in the construction industry, required a modern e-commerce solution that could effectively communicate the uses and benefits of their innovative concrete rejuvenation products. They needed a seamless purchasing experience that would attract, educate, and convert independent contractors and large government agencies to use their products to maintain pre-existing structures and avoid inevitable catastrophic outcomes.


Edyston's new e-commerce experience visually elevates the brand’s dedication to excellence, innovation, and forward-thinking construction. Consumers are educated about Edyston's groundbreaking concrete technology and effortlessly guided to choose the product that best aligns with their specific structural requirements. The contextualized commerce experience enhances the credibility of the products that educates and attracts direct-to-consumer customers as well as large-scale clients.

Rock-Solid Solutions 

Identifying foundational issues can be straightforward, but finding the right solution can be complex. Elva streamlined the user experience by connecting visuals of identified levels of damage with the right products to solve customers’ problems, resulting in a shopping experience that eliminates the guesswork in product selection. Partnered with a quantity estimation tool, this simplified approach enables contractors with jobs of all sizes to navigate the path to success.

Credibility through education

Building trust in an innovative, new product necessitates a customer journey reinforced with information. Edyston’s thought leadership and expertise is revealed through scientific research and educational moments injected at key points in the purchase path.

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Building for a better world

For the Edyston team, revitalizing deteriorating concrete stems from a combination of experience and passion. By elevating the people, sharing their story, and highlighting their mission, trust in their product is established by championing the teams’ unwavering dedication to developing concrete technology.

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An impermeable brand story

Concrete image - edyston solutions
EDYSTON Concrete structure
Concrete image - edyston solutions

The transformative power of chemistry, capable of renewing even the most cracked surfaces, is vividly illustrated through captivating imagery, informative diagrams, and educational content. These elements effectively enable any consumer to seamlessly comprehend the strength of Edyston's product and the profound passion driving the brand.

Edyston is laying the foundation for a brighter and improved future. Elva created and evolved the brand aesthetic by injecting vitality and vibrancy into the gray of concrete.

EDYSTON Technology
EDYSTON Hydrogel technology


Elva's work and our new website enabled us to connect our brand and product with key customers.