An optimized shopping environment with science-backed ingredients at the forefront. Driven by visuals, motion, and cohesive brand elements.


A beauty brand that's more than skin deep






AWWWARDS - Honorable Mention

Orpetron - OWDA


A direct-to-consumer site that emphasized the science-backed approach to their products.


We crafted a product-focused commerce experience that promotes the brand's smart beauty approach, driven by highly branded interactivity.

Founded by chemist Ashley Ocampo, HALEYS reimagines makeup with scientific and environmentally-conscious ingredients. By creating an experience that focuses primarily on the product, we were able to evolve the brand's visual language into a digital environment. Combined with a strong UX foundation, we were able to create an intuitive experience that makes for effortless shopping.

Desktop screenshot of HALEYS homepage

Formulated Style

A science-led digital brand language.

Tube of makeup with a circle behind it
Two women holding makeup brushes
Tube of makeup with a circle behind it

Taking inspiration from HALEYS updated product packaging, we embraced the clean scientific aesthetic using skin-toned hues and existing product typography to create the digital brand.

We also incorporated textbook-inspired icons and graphic elements, taking cues from Petri dishes and product design.

Tube of makeup in a circle pattern
A close up shot of makeup ingredients


With over 75% of HALEYS traffic coming from mobile, we designed the UX to accommodate quick, simple, and intuitive shopping. Customers can easily view all product images, select available product variants, and add items to their cart: all while never leaving the product listing page. The product page designs are light and clean, giving the customer an easy shopping experience while still giving the product enough room to breathe.

Screenshot of HALEYS PLP
Screenshot of HALEYS PDP
Up close shot of two women wearing makeup Mobile screenshot of text module
Tube of makeup with a text description Mobile screenshot of product carousel
Makeup product packaging Mobile screenshot of a PLP
Mobile screenshot of a brow pencil PDP Artfully displayed makeup
Mobile screenshot of mobile menu Up close image of ingredients with text
A woman holding a tube of makeup Up close shot of makeup ingredients on a peach background
Artfully displayed tube of makeup A women holding a container of makeup
Zoomed in photo of a woman's face Powder and liquid makeup ingredients
Makeup brush on a cream background
Small and large tubes of makeup
Liquid and powder makeup ingredients Tubes of makeup in a row
Stacked containers of makeup
Wet makeup sponge
Makeup ingredients in a petri dish
Woman holding a tube of makeup Closed and opened eyebrow pencils