Jet Set Candy

A fun and stylish eCommerce experience that immerses the customer in an easy-to-shop and visually delightful environment.

Jet Set Candy

Collect your adventures


Jet Set Candy




Design, Development


Jet Set Candy needed an eCommerce experience that balanced wit, fashion, and travel.


We amped up the brand personality while toning down the visual language—resulting in a functional and fun ecommerce site.

Jet Set Candy is a stylish and playful jewelry company that encourages customers to “collect their adventures” with their signature assortment of souvenir-inspired travel charms. Their eCommerce experience needed to strike a balance between wit, fashion, and travel. Focusing on the brand’s personality, we toned down the visual language to better encompass the Jet Set Candy signature spirit.

Desktop screenshot of Jet Set candy homepage

Perfect pops of color

Image of a gold airplane ring atop a colorful background
Up close image of a woman wearing layered gold necklaces
Image of a gold airplane ring atop a colorful background

With an emphasis on mint green, pops of pink, and moments of tasteful rainbow gradients, customers are immersed in the world of Jet Set Candy.

We brought the site experience to life through collaged layouts that reinforce adventure storytelling, and unique vignettes that showcase their photography while instilling a bit of the unexpected.

A woman holding a gold charm necklace
Image of a gold necklace with colorful pin charms

Custom designs and development

The site was developed by our in-house development team, with advanced product filtering, product swatches, site navigation, and specially designed product feature sections that keep customers engaged and adding to cart.

Bringing Jet Set Candy

to life by utilizing

pops of fun colors

and brand moments

We made Jet Set Candy into a fun and stylish eCommerce experience that immerses the customer in an easy-to-shop and visually delightful environment that plays with bold pops of color and tasteful rainbows. Strategic storytelling combined with unique vignettes allows the Jet Set Candy brand to come to life.

Desktop screenshot of a jewelry company
Desktop screenshot of gold charms
Mobile screenshot of Jet Set Candy homepage Mobile screenshot with a shop now button and images
Mobile screenshot of a PLP Mobile screenshot with images of people wearing jewelry
Mobile screenshot of charm necklaces icon Mobile screenshot of text module atop a mint green background
Mobile screenshot of images in unique vignettes Mobile screenshot with images and a shop now button
Mobile screenshot of a gold charm bracelet Mobile screenshot of a PDP with a silver charm
Woman in a pink tube top wearing a necklace Up close shot of a gold charm bracelet with a bicycle charm
Woman in a white top wearing gold jewelry A person wearing an airplane ring
A person wearing a silver layered necklace A hand holding a passport and wearing gold rings
Up close shot of travel charms
A gold charm bracelet with a Las Vegas charm
A woman wearing multiple colorful choker necklaces A person sitting in the sand wearing gold jewelry
A person holding the gold necklace they are wearing
An up close image of an arm wearing a gold charm bracelet
A hand holding a small black bag
A woman wearing sunglasses and multiple gold bracelets A woman on the beach wearing a hat and jewelry