JOJO Whiskey

A social-first whiskey brand for the Sweet at Heart 

JOJO Whiskey

High Proof Nostalgia


JOJO Whiskey




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Jojo Whiskey was created to evoke nostalgia and ignite a fresh wave of differentiated craft cocktails. Building from a simple brand outline, we needed to create the digital home for cookie dough whiskey to foster a vibrant community of cocktail enthusiasts and propel e-commerce sales.


Step into Jojo Whiskey's whimsical website, where every click and scroll mirrors the inviting, sweet, and delicious experience of the whiskey itself. With a deepened brand story that connects customers with their favorite—now drinkable—sweet treats, Jojo's e-commerce flagship will expand your cocktail vocabulary and inspire the perfect excuse to gather, shake, pour, sip, and share, creating new memories from delightful concoctions.

A new level of sweet satisfaction

Jojo's launch as an immersive direct-to-consumer brand experience is optimized for entry points from organic search that transport customers into a whole new world of whiskey. Prepare for your taste buds to be irresistibly enticed to grab a bottle of JoJo and inspired to start concocting the next great cookie dough cocktail.

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How do you Jojo?

As a new digital-first brand, Jojo needed an inviting and approachable online presence. We contextualized their e-commerce experience by integrating irresistibly tempting recipes and emphasizing the importance of social validation.

JOJO Whiskey Homepage
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A nostalgic brand for Today’s Taste

JOJO Whiskey packaging and bottles
JOJO Whiskey cocktail
JOJO Whiskey packaging and bottles

Immerse yourself in the warmth and richness of colors and images that evoke the joy of a hearty laugh with friends and the indulgence of a delightful dessert. We created a brand experience that invites customers to feel a sense of familiarity and comfort and invites them to stay forever.

With dynamic movement, captivating icons, and bold text, we playfully guide consumers to discover the perfect recipe for any occasion and introduce them to their first—or next—bottle of JoJo.

JOJO Whiskey bottle and cocktail
Special cocktail made with JOJO whiskey