A modular commerce experience driven by eco-friendly awareness, education, and loyalty.


More than just a footwear company








To create an experience that promotes Keen’s eco-conscious products and commitment to celebrating and protecting the great outdoors.


We created a modular experience that allows for flexible merchandising and product education, contextualizing products through rich outdoor lifestyle photography and intuitive shopping that celebrates the act of going green.

Keen is a family-owned, value-led footwear maker. They are on a mission to make the outdoors more accessible and inclusive, while taking a stance on cleaning up the planet. Keen's mission is core to their brand, and they needed a digital experience that integrated content, product, and motion to portray their brand mission effectively.

Respect the Outdoors

A strategic approach to presenting purpose-built outdoor products.

Image of a KEEN sandal
Two people wearing KEEN gear
Image of a KEEN sandal

While creating the modular design system, we wanted to ensure Keen could showcase their energetic lifestyle photography with the corresponding product, giving context to the story behind each shoe.

Two people on standing on sand with KEEN shoes on
A person wearing KEEN shoes and riding a bike

Rich, Interactive Storytelling

Understanding the importance of a new product launch, we created a flexible experience to help celebrate these occasions. Utilizing page scrolling to transition from image to color to chapter, we have made a destination for all new products to tell their story in an immersive manner.

Improving the Path To Purchase

With the product story at the helm, we needed to find opportunities to encourage customers to add to cart while taking into consideration where they were within the site experience. Thoughtful UX allowed us to implement this approach, ensuring we created interactive moments that provided product storytelling paired with shopping functionality throughout the experience.

KEEN product listing page
Desktop screenshot of KEEN PDP
Mobile screenshot of KEEN shoe review Mobile screenshot of KEEN recycling
KEEN mobile menu screenshot Mobile screenshot of KEEN PDP
Mobile screenshot of KEEN footwear images Mobile view of KEEN module with image
Image of a sandals sole with tires in the background Mobile screenshot of KEEN footwear suggestions
Mobile screenshot of KEEN effect Mobile screenshot of KEEN features

A Loyalty Program That Gives Back

In an initiative to help others, we teamed up with Keen to help create a loyalty program that allows Keen customers to give back in multiple ways, including through shopping, volunteering and donating.

KEEN Loyalty program
KEEN corps program
A couple with kids on their shoulders in KEEN shoes A person and a dog in the snow
A person hiking in KEEN shoes Pink fuzz with gold
Two people hugging by a lake in KEEN gear A person standing on a frozen lake in KEEN shoes
The bottom of a KEEN shoe
A person with a wild cat
A person wearing KEEN boots walking in mud People sitting around a fire pit
Sunrise over cloudy mountains
A flat lay of camping gear
Top view of KEEN sandals
Two people hiking A person walking down a street