Newton Vineyard

A distinctive wine experience.

Newton Vineyard

An immersive wine experience, near or far.








AWWWARDS - Honorable Mention


To better portray their award-winning wine, and educate customers about their unique property in the majestic hills of Calistoga.


We created an interactive shopping experience for customers to enjoy, while educating them on the unique quality of each terroir where their select grapes are grown.

Newton Vineyard is a stunning property in St. Helena, California. The winery's design blends naturally into the mountain, where they craft award-winning wines from their multiple terroirs. By creating an interactive tour, Newton's guests can explore, learn, and purchase their wine without ever stepping foot on the property.

Flexibility built into design

We created a modular design system for Newton Vineyard that provided them with a modular framework that could adapt and update easily with their growing needs, while providing a consistent experience throughout the site.

Mobile screenshot of a wine list page Mobile screenshot of Newton Vineyard website
Mobile screenshot of wine membership page Mobile screenshot of a winery image with explainer text below
Mobile screenshot of Newton Vineyard newsletter page Black and white image of couple in a vineyard with text below
Mobile screenshot with images and white text overlay Mobile screenshot of a carousel of wine options
Mobile screenshot of a PDP Mobile screenshot with a black background and white text
Desktop screenshot of website menu
PLP of Newton Vineyard wines

Wine Purchasing – Elevated

A bottle of Newton wine
A hand holding a bottle of wine in a vineyard
A bottle of Newton wine

We took Newton Vineyard’s brand assets and reimagined their property in the digital space. Through rich imagery and video, we provided the opportunity for their team to tell their unique story effectively and creatively.

Stacked bottles of wine with dust on them
Hands holding green grapes on the vine
Image of a sun setting over a vineyard Table setting with a wine bottle and wine glasses with red wine
Up close image of wine bottles casting shadows A man grilling food at an outside grill
A bottle of Newton Vineyard wine Up close image of green grapes on the vine
A group of people sharing a bottle of wine
A bottle of newton Vineyard wine in grape vines
A group of people standing with a container of grapes Image of a green vineyard
A man picking grapes off the vine
Three bottles of Newton Vineyard wine
A set table with food and bottles of wine
Image of a wine tasting with four glasses of wine Image of a vineyard on a hill
Compliments on the designs, we're thrilled with the results.


We keep receiving compliments about the design of our new website! I am thrilled with the result of our work, as much as with the extremely smooth work process.

Mario Dussurget, Senior Customer Experience Manager