Oak & Eden

An immersive eCommerce site using strategic motion, artful vignettes, and a revamped brand design.

Oak & Eden

An innovative whiskey brand bucking industry trends


Oak & Eden






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Oak & Eden approached Elva to help bring their carefully crafted brand and whiskey experience online.


The Oak & Eden website designs pay tribute to the careful creation put into this brand and their products. The modern aesthetic allows the brand, products, and proprietary distillation techniques to speak to a broader audience. Visitors quickly realize this isn’t just another tired, stuffy whiskey brand. The design and merchandising system is set up to update brand ambassadors and recipe content on a regular basis, drawing users back regularly to see what new cocktail has been dreamt up.

Though the technical side is a bit more complex, it is almost as elegant. While utilizing a standard Shopify build as a starting point, we needed to lean on BarCart for checkout, and are using Drive Commerce to power bottle customization (Coming Soon). These two key integrations are seamless to the user, making for one unified brand experience across the entire site.

Images of different whiskey bottles with text and layered images


Two cocktails and a gold shaker
A man sitting at a campfire holding a bottle of whiskey
Two cocktails and a gold shaker

By highlighting the brand story, the content, the recipes, the distillation techniques - the user can sense the care of the craft, and already realizes the whiskey must taste incredible.

The oak spire is mesmerizing - like the worm in a tequila bottle, you may get caught staring at it while sipping one of these delicious cocktails.

Two bottles of Oak and Eden whiskey
GIF of a wood spiral for whiskey bottles
A PLP listing different whiskey types
Page listing different whiskey types
Whiskey bottle atop black text A variety of cocktails in clear glasses
A cocktail recipe with an image of the cocktail An image with cream and yellow text on a black background
A piece of spiral cut wood with white text below A person holding a glass of whiskey
A shop page with a whiskey bottle A picture of a man above an image of a whiskey bottle
A picture of a man holding a bottle of whiskey above black text An image of a whiskey bottle with a description


whiskey as unique as you. Oak & Eden’s Whiskey Customizer — a first-of-its-kind experience that allows customers to become a master of your whiskey creation journey. The Elva-designed bottle builder seamlessly guides customers to craft a bottle of whiskey that expresses their individual style, taste, and preferences. A perfect gift or addition to a personal collection.

Person holding a glass of whiskey People playing cards on an orange table with drinks
Whiskey cocktails in clear glasses Person playing a guitar
Person drinking a glass of whiskey Person sitting on a beach
Person sitting on a couch with a glass of whiskey
Person on a horse in a field
Two people standing in a field Person on a bench drinking whiskey
Back shot of a person sitting next to a whiskey bottle
A bartender making a cocktail
Up close shot of coffee beans
Person at a bar holding a cocktail Two hands clinking glasses of whiskey