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An e-commerce and brand refresh to inspire the people who work on timelines, tan lines, production lines, and punchlines.

Red Kap

Work Flies When You Are Having Fun


Red Kap




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Red Kap, a traditional Business to Business workwear brand, observed a trend where end consumers were purchasing their products through third-party marketplaces. Recognizing 
the opportunity to serve both B2B and D2C markets, they initiated a strategic endeavor to refine their brand and enhance their 
e-commerce experience to serve both businesses and end consumers.


Red Kap’s new e-commerce experience successfully personifies the brand's passion for evoking joy, especially when it comes from hard work and teamwork. Starting with strategic UX and UI best practices and optimizing the design for increased SEO discoverability, Red Kap’s new digital home streamlines the B2B shopping experience while establishing a strong connection with direct-to-consumer workers. Red Kap's brand, product, and digital experience is a testament to the power of passion and teamwork; when you love what you do and do it with a team you love, success endures.

Work it while you work

As a legacy in workwear, Red Kap understands that hard work and durability should never be compromised for comfort, longevity, or joy. The new Red Kap homepage effectively educates workers on the unique features of their workwear while embodying the brand's commitment to celebrating the human who seeks connection and joy and who works their clothing.

Design as dynamic as Red Kap's customers.

Workwear caters to individuals who work with their heads and hearts—each with diverse yet specific job roles, demanding high-performance clothing to empower excellence in their tasks. Red Kap's new e-commerce design systems deliver extensive flexibility and scalability, perfectly matching the breadth and depth of the professionals Red Kap serves.

Red Kap Customize Your Apparel Red Kap Find Your Workwear Match
Red Kap Customize Your Apparel Red Kap at Ford Motor Company
Red Kap Step Up Your Red and Become a Partner Red Kap OILBLOK keeps stains non existent
Red Kap All Terrain Shirt Red Kap Work it while you work
Red Kap mens black performance pant Red Kap MIMIX stretch panels lets you stretch and twist without rips or tears

Eliminate ‘work’ from shopping

Red Kap clothing and our fresh e-commerce experience are designed to effectively showcase the form, features, and functionality that get the job done. With elevated product detail pages and streamlined navigation guided by expert cartographers, we help customers easily identify what they need and build trust that Red Kap products will assist them in getting their job done right.

Red Kap Homepage
Red Kap Product Details Page

The power 
of joy

Serving the working world's clothing needs.

employees celebrating wearing their Red Kap workwear
Red Kap variety of workwear
employees celebrating wearing their Red Kap workwear

Red Kap’s 100-year-old business supports the people who work on cars, cakes, buildings, and breaks– and does it by seeing and serving the whole person, not just their professional clothing needs.

Like the brand, our digital personification of Red Kap works hard and plays hard. The brand storytelling is championed by bold text and images of real people experiencing the joys of successful work. We wanted customers to see themselves in the brand and be reminded of what's possible every time they dressed to get the job done.

Red Kap since 1923
Red Kap work pants
Red Kap


Elva blended our Fun at Work brand with seamless UX and UI, making shopping for workwear fun!

Leslie Guido, Marketing Communications Manager