House of Web 3

The intersection of designer jewelry & the metaverse.

House of Web 3

The intersection of designer jewelry & the metaverse.


House of Web 3






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Bring the feminine elegance of the luxury jewelry world into the male-dominated metaverse.


Selling physical and digital goods in the same experience is always a technical hurdle. To achieve this, we partnered with Novel on the NFT side, and utilized Shopify as the underlying platform. With one simple but robust integration––along with some native Shopify apps––we achieve everything the brand and users desire in the experience while maintaining a cohesive user experience.

Straddling two worlds, HW3 offers their customers beautiful, designer-created physical jewelry, with a piece of corresponding digital jewelry they can rock in the metaverse. More importantly, this female-founded brand aims to elevate women in the male-dominated world of NFTs, incorporating opportunities for education, connection, and community within the shopping experience.

HW3 is born from the future and marrying jewelry, art, and fashion.

Designer Jewelry - in the physical and digital realms

Metagolden NFT Ring
Woman Holding NFT Jewelry Metagolden
Metagolden NFT Ring

HW3 connects their customers with the rapidly-changing world of NFTs coupled with the timeless beauty of designer jewelry.

Bright rainbow peaking through clouds
Models standing in red wearing NFT art jewelry

The Future Is Here

This web3 brand brings together NFT & Luxury Goods in a unified experience. This site experience thoughtfully integrates industry education with the natural elegance of the jewelry.

Metagolden gold jewelry NFT art
Metagolden Website Layout
Metagolden Layout Rainbow Contrast Fine Jewelry and Fashion Paired with NFT Art
Crypto NFT tracking layout Metagolden Gold Ring NFT Jewelry
About Crypto Currency on Metagolden Site Making NFTS More Accessible Article
Press for Contacting Metagolden Screenshot Metagolden Vision for NFTs, Jewelry, and Art
Model in Jacket and Jewelry for Metagolden Grid of Metagolden photos and quote
Model wearing NFT Fashion Jewelry


Elva executed on the vision masterfully. Thank you for the support, patience & professionalism. A++++

Francine Ballard, CEO HW3

Fork and Knife on plate cutting jewelry Rainbow contrasting through dark hills
Model wearing Gold Choker Jewelry NFT Frida NFT Art for Metagolden
Model wearing jacket and NFT Jewelry Art Model with braids and a chunky necklace
Metagolden NFT Jewelry design
Model wearing unique dress and bold NFT jewelry
Models standing in red clothing wearing NFT jewelry Model with bright eyeshadow and wearing NFT jewelry
Jewelry and chopsticks in a takeout box
Hands that are painted white and wearing gold rings
Person wearing high fashion and jewelry
Metagolden NFT art Wood optical illusion holding a gold ring