A commerce experience that unveils the evolution of hydration packs.


A reinvented hydration pack that takes you further






To design and create the MXXY brand and digital experience worthy of this industry-disrupting hydration system.


A holistic brand experience educating customers utilizing motion and interactivity, focusing on MXXY's patented dial and dual-reservoir system.

MXXY is transforming how people hydrate with a revolutionary technology that empowers adventurers to go further and last longer. Through close collaboration on the pack design, to brand strategy and development, we partnered with MXXY from inception to bring their brand and digital experience to life. Our goal was to separate MXXY from the competition, and give their customers the sensation of a physical experience as if they were holding the actual product.

A new beginning for hydration packs

Hand turning a dial on a hydration pack
A hiker looking out at the forest with a hydration backpack on
Hand turning a dial on a hydration pack

We teamed up with the MXXY team to help create their brand from scratch.

From brand and pack design, to providing art direction in the hills of Mt. Tamalpais, we ensured all brand moments and elements aligned with the needs of the business, and allowed for diverse and extensive brand storytelling.

Black MXXY hydration backpack
MXXY hydration pack

Through their clever and innovative product design, MXXY has introduced the ability to switch between water and hydration supplements on the fly. Through thoughtful UI design, we created an experience that shows users how to dial into five different dilution settings to ensure the ideal mix of water and nutrition.

We didn’t stop at the MXXY site. We created a social media template library, packaging, hang tags, event tents, and digital ads, including a collaboration on promotional videos. To ensure the MXXY brand came across throughout these elements, we took the same approach used while creating their site.

Screenshot of MXXY website menu
MXXY hydration pack specs
Person drinking from a hydration pack Image showcasing MXXY hydration features
MXXY hydration dial with black text White MXXY hydration pack render with text
Person drinking from a hydration pack Two images of people adventuring outdoors
Screenshot showing details of a hydration pack MXXY hydration dial with black text
Informative graphic for a hydration pack bladder Text and a photo of four people
People standing on a mountain at sunset


Elva brought MXXY into a high-fidelity space from the start. They made sure our vision for MXXY was authentic.

Drew Dawson, MXXY CEO

Back shot of a person wearing a hydration pack Person wearing a helmet and a hydration pack
A person biking in the sunset drinking from a hydration pack GIF of people mountain biking at night
GIF of drone footage Man drinking from a MXXY hydration pack
GIF of people mountain biking
A person on a mountain bike with the sun glowing behind them
Back shot of a woman wearing a MXXY hydration pack People mountain biking
A person dropping supplements into a hydration pack bladder
Two people outside at sunset
Back shot of a man wearing a MXXY hydration pack
Photo of mountains Five people sitting on a wooden fence